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As a gynecologist and a surgeon in the prime of his life, Alan Johns had a blossoming medical practice, a growing family, and what he believed to be the maximum amount of empathy for his female patients; until suddenly he found himself on the other side of the telephone, receiving a diagnosis of male breast cancer. With a rare dual perspective as both male gynecologist and breast cancer patient, this startling discovery leads Alan on an unusual journey through his own mastectomy, chemotherapy, mammograms, and hot flashes – an experience both challenging and humorous that forces him to reexamine his profession from his patients’ perspective. With a keen eye for professional detail, a playful sense ofhumor, and many atypical insights, Alan goes through events that molds invaluable lessons in empathy and medicine that cancer had in store.

” The Lump is the story of one man’s triumph over cancer. Told with humor, emotion, and honesty, this book is sure to inspire and educate readers fighting similar battles, as well as their loved onesdz

– Jennifer Archer, author of Through Her Eyes


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